Exposition of the V.I. Chapaev Museum

The attitude of society towards the events of the Civil War changes over time, but Vasily Chapaev remains one of the most striking heroes of that era. Interest in this person does not decrease.

Guests are greeted by a landscape model of the city of Cheboksary with the village of Budaika of the late 19th – early 20th century, in which the future commander was born. Visitors will learn about the places where Vasily Chapaev spent his childhood and about the history of his family.

Museum guests will be able to trace Chapaev’s military career from a soldier and sergeant major of the Russian Imperial Army, the holder of St. George crosses, to the organizer and commander of the Red Army. The exposition tells about the units of the Red Army, created by Chapaev, and about his “white” opponents. Visitors will see anatomical mannequins in full uniform, recreating real images as much as possible: a soldier of the Russian Imperial Army and an ordinary Austro-Hungarian army, a Cossack and a Red Army soldier. Frames from the famous film “Chapaev” of 1934 are shown on the screen.


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