Exposition of the Museum of Chuvash embroidery

Embroidery is the «visiting card» of Chuvashia, it causes genuine interest and admiration. The most valuable and ancient exhibits of the museum are: a women’s shirt of the 18th century with three pairs of chest patterns kĕskĕ, a bride’s veil and groom’s scarves embroidered with double-sided seams.

The exposition begins with a story about the Bulgarian-Chuvash parallels in the ornament. The following stands tell about runic signs in embroidery and jewelry, about ancient Chinese pictograms preserved on the oldest wedding shirt of the 18th century and in materials that tell about the parallels of Chuvash patterns with ceramic ornaments of ancient farmers of the southern regions of Central Asia.

The most valuable exhibit is the embroidered map of the Chuvash Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, made for participation in the All-Russian Agricultural Exhibition of 1939 by the workers of the factory «Pakha tĕrĕ», located in Algeshevo. Separate stands are dedicated to the leading researchers of the Chuvash folk embroidery and modern craftsmen.


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