Museum of Mikhail Sespel (Cheboksary)

The Museum of Mikhail Sespel (Cheboksary) was opened on November 25, 2003. It was located on M. Sespel Street in the former house of the tradesman S. V. Cherkasov. In this building, the poet worked in the spring of 1921 as a translator of the translation and publishing commission. This building is an object of cultural heritage of federal significance, it was restored in 1999.

The exposition «Snowdrop in the middle of a storm» tells about the life and work of Mikhail Sespel, reflects his «painfully sensitive» poetic soul, illustrating the main stages of his biography. The spectacular dominant of the exposition is a photo panorama of the city of Cheboksary in 1921. Translator Mikhail Sespel, the first leader of the Chuvash Autonomous Region D. S. Elmen, the Chuvash composer and playwright F. P. Pavlov with a choir of singers, and other representatives of the authorities of Chuvashia are captured against the background of the old part of the city. A unique photographic document makes it possible to notice the contrast of centuries: the old part of the city, which fell into the flood zone, can be compared with the view of Cheboksary in the 21st century.

The museum hosts chamber exhibitions, meetings with writers and researchers of the biography and work of the poet, poetry hours with a demonstration of the feature film «Sespel». The day of poetry of love by Mikhail Sespel and musical and poetic evenings dedicated to the World Writer’s Day, the International Day of Poetry have become traditional.

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  • Адрес: Cheboksary, ulitsa Mikhaila Sespelya, 8
  • Телефон: (8352) 58-08-78
  • Часы работы: Opening hours: Tuesday – Thursday, Saturday – с 10:00 до 18:00 (the ticket office is open until 17:30), Friday — с 12.00 до 20.00 ((the ticket office is open until 19.30), выходной – Monday, Sunday.
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