Exposition of the Museum of military glory of the Chuvash Republic

Six halls in chronological order tell about the participation of the Chuvash people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, life in the rear. Here are original documents, complexes of personal belongings, letters, and awards of combatants. The interiors of the recruiting station, the dugout, the factory floor, the village council, the field hospital, and the soldier’s camp of those years were reconstructed.

The «Forcing the Dnieper» diorama vividly testifies to the heroism of Soviet soldiers. One of the interesting exhibits is the sword of adjutant von Paulus – a military trophy of scouts. The drawings of Alexander Pakhomov, a prisoner of the Zeithain concentration camp, will also attract attention.

The exposition of the museum tells not only about the fighting, but also about the selfless work of the inhabitants of the republic in the rear.

The center of the hall dedicated to the Victory is the «Storming of the Reichstag» diorama. The exposition of this hall tells about the events of the last days of the Great Patriotic War, and about those who left their signatures on the walls of the defeated Reichstag.


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