Chuvashia in the 20th century

The artistic solution of the hall is based on the main content of this period: the rise of the Chuvash people from the plow to space. For 70 years, an agrarian province, where agriculture was carried out in a primitive way, turned into a republic with a highly developed industry, mechanized agriculture, and an advanced culture. A native of Chuvashia, A. G. Nikolaev became the third Soviet cosmonaut.

The exposition presents materials revealing the formation of the Chuvash Republic: the first exhibits of the museum, collected by director M. Petrov-Tinekhpi, materials on the creation of the first national film studio Chuvashkino, materials on the first industrial enterprises of the Kozlovsky house-building and Shumerlya woodworking plants.

During the Great Patriotic War, the placement of evacuated enterprises and the establishment of local defense production contributed to the transformation of agrarian Chuvashia into agro-industrial.

The most striking event in the post-war history of Chuvashia was the space flight of A. G. Nikolaev. This event occupies a central place in the exposition. It ends with the interior of a room in a small-family dormitory, the inhabitants of which never waited to receive a separate apartment by the year 2000.


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