Silver pentry

The exposition introduces the jewelry art of the Suvar-Bulgarian period and the ethnographic groups of the Chuvash. The exposition consists of about 200 items. Here you can see Chuvash women’s and girl’s jewelry made of silver and beads of the 13th-20th centuries: head’s (khushpu, tukhya), ear’s (alka, khalkha saki, sarka), neck’s (sukha, maya), chest’s (ama, shulkeme), back’s, cross-shouldered (tevet), belt’s (khure), bracelets, rings, coins.Also, visitors will learn about the development of modern Chuvash jewelry art, get acquainted with the work and original works of contemporary jewelry artists and craftsmen: Vladislav Sukharev, Boris Chachev, Nikolai and Lyudmila Baltaevy.


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