Exposition of the Literary museum named after K.V. Ivanov

The exposition acquaints visitors with the stages of development of Chuvash literature from the time of its inception to the present. Stone pillars – tombstones with traces of a forgotten runic writing, ancient embroidery reveal the rich spiritual world of the Chuvash people in the oral-poetic period of the development of literature. The department of pre-revolutionary Chuvash literature tells about the origins of Chuvash folk art, about the first Chuvash writers and the development of Chuvash literature until 1917. The work of K.V. Ivanov is especially highlighted. He was a classic of Chuvash poetry, a student and teacher of the Simbirsk Chuvash school, translator, artist, author of the immortal poem «Narspi». The interior of Ivanov’s office exhibits the poet’s memorabilia, including a homemade typewriter, writing materials, manuscripts and drawings. The department «The Origin and Development of Chuvash Literature» introduces the work of writers of the 20th century.


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